"Hello! How are you? How is your nature? "

2016.01.23 - 2016.02.23

"Hello! How are you? How is your nature?"

is an interactive sound installation consisting of domes caves. Guests can crawl into caves and experience different sounds.
From the outside, projected video works in caves surfaces, so they appear as living sculptures. The installation contains, music and stories from places and people in the North.
Songs from whales and seals in Disko Bay, human voices Nordic ancient myths, everyday sounds from today's Ilulissat, scientists and residents of various ages from Ilulissat and elsewhere talk about their nature and their thoughts about the future. These tales meet with music -and sounds that fantasizes about the relationship between culture, body, nature, civilization and the wild desert. What would a millenary air bubble from one of the icebergs in the Ice Fiord tell if it could sing and tell us? What we hear from the past, if we put your ear to the rock? And what would the future tell if it could talk to us from the wind and the sea? What is your story about your nature and the future?

The installation is part of the Singing Our Place; a Nordic cross-artistic cultural project on nature, man and climate change. A tribute to the Nordic nature and a messenger between places and people in the North.

The installation was created by stages, actress, storyteller, composer and singer Katrine Faber and musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer Aksel Striim.

Faber and Striim has worked together for over 20 years and directed, acted and composed for several major plays and art installations. They travel internationally with performances, concerts and intercultural projects for children, youth and adults. See more on www.teaterviva.dk

Sound installation opens on the Culture night with concert and storytelling.