The museum:

In 1923 the cornerstone was laid for the colonial administration building, the architect was the famous Helge Bojsen Moller, a big house for that time. Up to 1994 the house has been inhabited by five colonial administrators’ five trading managers, the last yearlings of office workers, employed by KNI.

 1923-25: Ejner Andersen
 1926-27: Aage H. K. Knudsen
 1927-28: Ejner Andersen
 1928-30: Aage H. K. Knudsen
 1931-32: Aage Essemann
 1932-46: Aage H. K. Knudsen
 1947-49: S. A. Jensen
 1950-60: Hans Jacobi
 1960-69: Herbert Borup Larsen
 1969-75: Erik Kofod-Frederiksen
 1975-82: Andreas Heinrich Joergensen
 1982-90: Svend Gerulff

 1956: Is the house frame around the movie "Qivitoq"
 1995: The art museum opens